Prevention of trafficking in human beings – a conference with a special focus on victims from Nigeria

  Nigeria is a source, transit and destination of human trafficking, and especially when it comes to sexual exploitation of women and children. On a global level, Nigeria is the largest source of trafficked human beings, where most of them … Continued

Human trafficking has become a global concern

Human trafficking has become a global concern; it affects every continent and every type of community and economy. It has become a significant problem considering 161 countries are reported to be a source for human trafficking, a transition or destination … Continued

(Italiano) Saffron from the UK tells us about her impressions of IRETI project

Arriving to and being in Palermo is a strange, yet wonderful experience. An authentic robust city, filled to the brim with loud, rich culture. Palermo seems somehow untouched by society and the greater world, and I’ve been told quite a … Continued

(Italiano) Tina from Romania shares her first impressions of IRETI project

There is no doubt that the idea of volunteering abroad is a big leap of faith into the unknown, so when I first heard about “IRETI- Empowering Women and Strengthening Socioeconomic Integration” project in Palermo, I just said “No”. I … Continued