The Festival of Cultures – Meet me halfway – which is a call for the culture of dialogue is born within the Association H.R.Y.O. Human Rights Youth Organization.

The first edition was held in September 2012 in the heart of Palermo specifically in the Ballarò quarter.

The idea of ​​the Festival is born from the simple premise that if all cultures were able to meet, they could really rise to a constructive dialogue for the whole society.

However, the festival is not only a moment of encounter between different cultures focusing only on the place where it is organized; it is rather a way to break down the mental barriers that restrict people to move on their own territory.

It is also an opportunity to live a different Palermo, away from prejudices and contradictions that characterize it.

During each edition, Human Rights Youth Organization establishes the local strategic partnerships in order to better optimize the realization of the festival which is organized thanks to the essential contribution of all the organizations and individuals who are involved therein.

For the 2016 edition, the Festival will take place inside Zen suburb, an area of Palermo which is forgotten at times; for this occasion we have decided to formalize a sturdier partnership with the association Together Zen and Arci Palermo.


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