Our team has gone to discover a new culture and new meetings between Europeans in Belgrade in Serbia. During a week full of experience, learning and intercultural exchanges, we shared our opinions on the issues of women’s representation in the media.

This project’s overall objective is to raise the standards of reporting while making people more gender sensitive and strengthen the human capacity of the NGO’s and their partnership with media in the partner countries. This is part of the process of enhancing democracy, good governance and human rights in the country while promoting professionalism and editorial independence.

Four people from H.R.Y.O Marco, Melania, Ivan and Cassandra participated with others European citizen from Serbia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Croatia and Bulgaria in this long training program. This one equip them with more knowledge, concrete tools, skills and contacts aimed at enabling them to report on gender issues in a gender sensitive matter.

Key element of this project is use of media as a tool to reach the goals for which youth women activists fight for – Positive change towards Gender Equality and it’s promotion. The possibilities are here, but it is up to everybody according to the needs and the cultural surrounding to be able to use them.

We put this into practice by empowering the participants to make their projects like articles or videos on how to address them for promotion of gender equality and be gender sensitive towards their target group by using different media, with special aspect on online media.

As usual, we want to see things with a smile. Below you will find a humorous video dealing with the limits of equality for women “Equality but” inspired by a French humourist, Berangère Krief.

After seeing this video, let’s share your experiences and feelings in the comments section, let’s be creative!

We thank the European Union for this opportunity as well as the Serbian team for their flawless organization of this program. Every day we improve our knowledge and reinforce our network in order to respond as best we can to the values we hold dear: the defense of human rights.


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