My journey to a new experience started on 13th November, Monday morning, rainy weather and sleepy me just seeing how the bus went by in front of me to the airport, but I didn’t panic and I was lucky enough to catch it at the next stop because of the morning traffic. After this I had that feeling of panic and I realized that something new was going to happen soon, was that my expectations? Or intention to make memories? I guess it was all together collected in a mix of emotions wondering for better days. I Had this vibe inside me all day long until I finally got to Paris and more exactly Noisy le Grand where the project was held. I was part of Italian team together with other three participants from Palermo and one girl from Florence, we didn’t know each other but we had to work as a united team, and I can say we definitely did a good work together. We had a language barrier as I don’t speak very well Italian and they couldn’t express themselves clear in English we were discussing in group and after giving final answers.
So there was the first day of 21 young enthusiastic participants from three different countries: Italy, France and Romania, Europe though but so much different and all the same. For some of us it was the first time in this type of exchange, other participants already felt very familiar in this field. We had to break the ice and to start interactions and to discover each other.
The project was named “Sound of Diversity” and the main aim was to learn about human rights and discuss the problems we face now days in our countries, to look for solutions how to solve them and the ways we can improve searching for solutions that can be efficient and useful in our opinion. Race, identity, human dignity, religion, solidarity, employment, etc., were the daily topics.
We had several open conversation and debates, we were divided in mixed groups and we had to find the optimum answers and sometimes after long argues it was hard to agree on something as the difference of beliefs and culture, backgrounds we tried to look open mind and to accept someone’s views and ideas, that’s the new way of learning in an intercultural environment. I can say that it`s an optimal challenge of a new vision and understanding ourselves to something new: ideas, theories, beliefs or lifestyle, culture and traditions. It’s easier to understand others mentality by sharing thoughts in a practical network involving efficient practices and simulation. During the evenings we represented our countries and it’s traditions by dancing, cooking and singing as a big family.
We had also to go into the challenge and to learn an African dance that was difficult and hard to catch the moves, but after several practice we tried to feel the music and share that vibe and I proudly believe we did a good job all together. It was that fun part when we could express through body language and by our moves we could discover that “Sound and moves of Diversity”!
We had a great time and starting the project with being strangers we ended up by giving feedbacks that I guess nobody will forget, we have learned a lot from each other and improved our knowledge about our beliefs. And the breaks we had outside of the project discovering the beautiful unknown small streets of Paris, wonderful historical places we visited and being surrounded by beautiful people made this exchange “magical”.
Don’t be afraid of changes, give yourself a challenge and you will discover what you are apt and capable for, that’s how we create our personality and gain lifetime memories.

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