The Urban Garden is the process of cultivating plants, vegetables and fruits of different types and varieties in an urban environment. This process is now underway in many cities. It serves as a means of reconnecting the citizen on the garden with the cycles of nature, and of strengthening and growing their knowledge about the origin, taste and seasonal products. The urban garden is now considered a good practice, which makes it a growing reality that today sensitizes a large number of citizens and families who are reconsidering the garden as a resource.

In Palermo this phenomenon is a new trend, and H.R.Y.O., as an organization with a strong impact at local level, has a plot of land called Orto BrHYO. This small garden, active for a year now thanks to the care of volunteers and of its members, follows a precise timetable based on the seasons and hence the quality of the products. This objective, which requires a constant labor and considerable effort, aims to provide many benefits to the community around the association. These benefits, which are strongly linked to H.R.Y.O activities, refer to the social sphere through the involvement of disadvantaged and environmental targets for health. The garden is considered a local food source and therefore a means to bring together communities and families and educate people and especially the youth about food origins. The addition of green areas in our cities also creates recreational areas in the nature of leisure and gatherings through shared work in the field.