“Terra Franca” is the new initiative taken by H.R.Y.O. in the fight against the Mafia and the Mafia phenomenon.

“Terra Franca” located in Via Trabucco, within the Cruillas district, in a land confiscated from the Mafia by the Municipality of Palermo and entrusted to the Human Rights Youth Organization in January 2019 for the realization of activities aimed at the socio-economic inclusion of disadvantaged people.

The project “Terra Franca” aims to create a multifunctional center aimed at the socioeconomic inclusion of a specific category of target groups present in the area surrounding the property in question, namely the Cruillas district of Palermo. 

The target group shall consist of:

– Women and young people with fewer opportunities;
– Former unaccompanied foreign minors escaping from accommodation facilities without a specific destination;
– Local elderly people;
– Students and young people from different European and non-European countries.

The project also includes the networking of a range of services aimed at creating a tourist base based on the alternative critical tourism method, in addition to the international mobility of young people promoted within various European programmes such as Erasmus Plus, which will seek to bring added value to the whole area of relevance in which the good itself is located.

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