220px-RosaparksRosa Louise Parks (born Rosa Louise McCauley; Tuskegee, February 4, 1913 – Detroit, October 24, 2005) was an activist US African-American, figurehead of the movement for American civil rights, famous for refusing to give up her seat in 1955 on a bus, thus giving rise to the bus boycott in Montgomery.

The idea of ​​the Rosa Parks Award brings together three main aspects:

1) The Protection Of Human Rights

2) The Nonviolent Struggle

3) The fight against social exclusion and marginalization

As part of its work, the H.R.Y.O. Human Rights Youth Organization has the opportunity to enter into a relationship with many outstanding individual who daily become active in defense and protection of human rights of individuals and then the concurrent improvement of our society.

Our association then in addition to recognizing the tremendous value of a personality like that of Rosa Parks simultaneously recognizes that premium to those who have, in our opinion, characterized by implementing this social political commitment associated with the non-violent method.




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