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Summary of the project

12511704_10208540473291240_2086072593_nThe project “Trip Ideas” aims at sharing best practices and developing tools in the field of youth employment since it involves different organizations which work on this area focusing on the work with the disadvantage target groups and/or enterprises and institution which focus in the same area of expertise.


The project is developed in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme with the Italian National Agency and its ambition is to enhance the capacity of the network in the field of youth employment through the development of concrete tools to create a contact between enterprises and youth unemployed. Moreover, the project will be an opportunity sand to strengthen the cooperation between Programme Countries and Partner Countries from different regions of the world.

Our idea is to include 2 EU Countries and 2 Balkan Countries order to increase the impact of the comparison and to create a strong synergy between different countries and cultures.

The main idea of the project is to encourage youth workers to create new economic and informative platform in order to increase the European employment.

The group of youth workers through meetings and consortium will create an on-line platform to facilitate the enterprising spirit and to include in the European labor market migrants and artisan business networks. This project aspires at creating cooperation between associations, institutions and economic stakeholder in order to ameliorate and expand the network and the new tools.


The partners will be selected based on their experience in the specific field of employment and their role in the labor market. The choice will take into account the presence of each partner in in its community and its network in order to have the possibility to disseminate the results and the different created tools as much as possible.


During this 2 years long project, the communication between partners will happen through emails and Skype call to organize and share information about the transnational meetings.


The project’s priority is to involve youth workers in the creation of new platforms and economic tools in order to facilitate the youth employment. They will have a leading role taking into account their experience and their ideas.


Duties and responsibilities of the partner organization


Once the project will be approved H.R.Y.O will be responsible of for applying for the grant; signing the Grant Agreement once the application is approved; updating the other partners about the process. H.R.Y.O. will chose a project coordinator who will contact the partners and organize the kick off meeting in Palermo.

Each organization before the approval of the project will chose a coordinator, who will manage the communication with the other partners and participate to all the transnational meetings. The coordinators will be a link between the organization and the partners and between the project itself and local community.


The coordinating organization, H.R.Y.O, is responsible for applying for the grant; signing the Grant Agreement once the application is approved; updating the other partners about the process; keeping the contact with partners in all phases of the project; organizing the first transnational meeting in Palermo, taking care of the logistic aspects; controlling the budget; being responsible for the visibility, evaluation, dissemination of results of the project; presenting the final report; prosecuting the follow-up projects.

Partners are responsible for keeping the contact with the coordinator and other partners in all phases of the Project; prepare the youth workers for the transnational meetings, collaborating in the visibility and the dissemination of results of the project; prepare after each meeting an activity plan and a dissemination seminar.

Each organization of the consortium has to individually complete the sub sections, such as:

  • Organization name
  • III.2.1 Aims and activities of the organization
  • III.2.2 Role of the partner organization in the project
  • III.2.3 Operational and technical capacity


Please note that every description has to be completed in the same language (English) as the rest of the application form.


Regarding the financial aspect you will receive the detailed information before the 20th of January 2016.

For More information you can write an e-mail to



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