[:it]Title: Open skills: facilitate the recognition of qualifications of young migrants.

We are looking for:

  • VET Provider
  • Enterprise ( public or private)
  • Chamber of industry
  • Trade and crafts
  • Sectoral/ professional organisation
  • No profit ONG’s


The project idea stems from the lack of professional recognition (certification / qualification) for migrant youths / adults who, once they arrive in Italy, find themselves working (by virtue of the knowledge of a language) as linguistic mediators. The project responds to the need to provide unrecognized qualifications.

The goal is to create a network that brings together migrants (linguistic mediators) the certification body (which benefits from the migrant for the skills it must attest) a reception center (Centro Astalli) in order to promote a certification common. Each partner will create its own consortium with local stakeholders.

Project PHASES:

1 trace the target (each consortium will select the participants)

1.1 Understand the needs of the target regarding the differences that can be found in the different partner countries;

2 Preparatory activity with the participants in the mobility:

Identify the basic skills per country through an educational path of different meetings: during these the participants will identify the skills considered fundamental in the fulfillment of their job duties and with the help of a facilitator who will guide them through formal activities and will not discover the skills acquired during work experience as a linguistic mediator.

3 Mobility of the participants: Mobility Italy France Germany Greece 1 week?

Within each mobility there are 2 moments:

3.1 The participants will get to know the realities of linguistic mediators in the host country (visit to the realities present in the consortium);

3.2 Workshop all the participants and trainer of the certification body to outline the structure and content of the certification understanding the different needs existing between countries.

During the entire duration of the project the participants (4 per country) will constantly compare themselves through the use of an on-line platform made available to the training institution.

4 The consortium will provide the creation of the OPEN BADGE certification based on the skills of the subjects.

5 Presentation of the certification in Brussels. we create the certification structure for a well-defined target (therefore the certification creation process that aims at the recognition of non formal formal competences at the state level.In Italy, for example with the law, they provide non-formal competences must be recognized.


Single certification tool

Stimulus for the standardization of certifications

Stimulate the standardization of qualifications / qualifications

Pushing European states to recognize non-formal skills


Direct target are the linguistic mediators who have experienced migration

Indirect target Migrants.


If you have interest please send your P.I.F. to




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