[:it]Deadline for submission of the application: 23/05/2018 – 12:00 (CET, Brussels time)

Title: EuroStars

No Profit NGO’s,Universities – University Departments, Academy of Fine Arts in audio video and multimedia,Public or private organisations or institutions active in the fields of non formal education or training.

This Project propose to share in the Web content rich in essence. We know how the social media are often full of rage with not resolution but the only intent of creating a giant and heavy soap bubble that cloudy people from the reality and the truth. It’s a modern subject the hate speech on line that pushes the boys, not adequately trained, to discourage and be wary of social relationships. Bullying is becoming technological and we know that all the event we experience in the younger age will affect irredeemably the delicate building of the social human being. We have a duty to act, we can make the difference, we can change the fate. We can with every big or little contribution.

This Project want to touch the young people in the present to build together the Tomorrow. We will use their way of communicate, the Social Networks, to get in touch with as many experiences as possible. After that we will meet each others to create a real conversation with all the physical response that behind a screen fail. We want everyone participate, see the others eyes, the other body, the way she/he talks, the tone of the voice, the gestures, all the things that make us different from the best futuristic Humanoid.

The knowledge is the key of endogenous change bringing out systemic changes. The socialization is a real issue we can’t be blind to. It’s necessary to spread knowledge of human experience all over the world and starting to the young can be a good idea to began a spill over effect into personal life and future European and worlds community.

Project Proposal PHASES:
1 trace the target (each consortium will select the participants):
1.1 Understand the needs of the target regarding the differences that
can be found in the different Country;

2 Preparatory activity: identify the skills considered fundamental for
the goal.

Target :
Direct target are migrants, refugee and young people in the penal area
Indirect target: all the world connected by internet

If you have interest please send your P.I.F. to

European States: Spain, France, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia,
Denmark, Estonia, Lettonia, Lituania, Finland, Sweden, Malta, Polonia,


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