Spread the game is a project that was launched in February 2020 and funded by Erasmus +. Four organiza- tions are part of this project, HRYO, Addart, Mcc Celjski Mladinski Center, Fundació Catalunya Voluntària.

This project seeks to analyze good practices, methods, digital and non-digital tools and examples that can
be used by non-profit organizations, educators and youth workers making their work and partnership

network more engaging and effective, especially in relation to the involvement of young people with physi- cal or mental challenges. The project aims to provide educators, operators, and teachers with tools in order to apply and use best practices, free digital resources available on the Internet that are identified and analyzed in daily activities with youngsters experiencing physical or mental challenges. The exchange of good practices offers the possibility to explore and investigate innovative teaching methods, useful for the promotion of an active – inclusive and collaborative methodology.
In this booklet you will find 16 good practices (4 from each each participating country of the project) on the fields of social inclusion and integration for people with disability.





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