Her business is dedicated to raising body- and self-awareness through the practice of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. She teaches Ashtanga Yoga method and her original method Fly/Flow (air yoga & creative movement) to groups and individuals, she does business yoga for companies and organises workshops and retreats in Poland and abroad. In our fast-moving world, people can easily get detached from themselves. They lose contact with their own bodies and suffer a lot of pain, because of incorrect sitting or moving habits, lack of physical activities and tremendous amounts of stress. They don’t know how to breathe anymore, suffer stiffness of body and mind. Unhealthy habits and mindsets affect every aspect of life – family, relationships, job. Regular yoga practice teaches discipline and consequence and – what’s more important – brings your ego down. While practising, you learn to breathe correctly and make your body strong and flexible. Physical aspect has an impact on our mental state. Yoga helps to release stress and has a very positive effect on the nervous system. Also, as a practitioner and teacher, she builds a strong community of people concerned about the healthy balanced living, sustainable growth and self-development. Apart from regular classes and workshops, she gets involved in many probono activities, teaches yoga for free outdoors and gets involved in charity events. The community of people practising and supporting yoga and healthy lifestyle is growing fast. More and more people are curious and want to learn more. That’s why she tries to organise many open events – like free yoga in the park. It happens very often that someone comes randomly and then stays for good. She is always very open and welcoming for the new joiners. Besides, she organises events and workshops for people with fewer opportunities, facing health conditions, financial situations and other obstacles.

She gets lots of support from students, but also from strangers, who just like the idea. People and companies invite her for events, offer new possibilities of growth and cooperation. She has been active, since early childhood, in physical activities such as dance and performance. She has got a degree for a dance instructor, practised yoga for 12 years and deepened her knowledge during the workshops and classes with well-known masters worldwide. She definitely considers hiring employees in the future – young teachers and people for administration promotion. She can see the future full of opportunities. She will definitely focus more on organising workshops and yoga trips abroad. She expands her business by preparing new website and appropriate visual communication. But the most important thing is a recommendation – people come to the class, like it and they tell others to join. That’s how they built the yoga community. Her advice: “Make sure you have long-term experience in any field you want to teach. You need to truly be there for the people and serve them.”


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