[:en]H.R.Y.O has a new space to welcome its volunteers! Their new place of life, of an immaculate white will soon turn into a space with the colors of the world…


The objective is to personalize this place by giving it an international atmosphere representing the multiculturality that reigns within the apartment.


At the origin of this idea, one of our volunteers whose project is particularly dear to her, had seek out for street artists via social networks and managed to bring a dozen artists from all over the world. No need to be an expert, we offer our white walls to anyone who wishes to express his art or simply to train.

This Friday brings the first meeting of this artistic experience, at the end of which we will determine the needs and desires of each participant.


Do not hesitate to join our team! As Anatole France said: “In art as in love, instinct is enough.»

Combining the moment of sharing and linguistic exchanges this activity is an opportunity for H.R.Y.O to make known and share its values of dialogue, mutual aid and openness to the world in a friendly atmosphere. In this way, several times a week, during several weekly sessions of 4h, artists will come as they want to paint and will be supervised by our team.

At the end of this project, a video will be produced and broadcast by H.R.Y.O, to immortalize this experience and collect the testimonies of our painters.

We will give you an appointment in one month for an exhibition full of color and creativity![:]

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