Si è concluso a Palermo “Spread the Game”, uno dei progetti di HRYO finanziati da Erasmus+ e Agenzia Nazionale Giovani, nato dal bisogno di individuare percorsi di educazione non formale che prevedano strumenti e metodologie più attrattive ed […]
Prosegue senza sosta “Spread the Game”, uno dei progetti di HRYO, nato dal bisogno di individuare percorsi di istruzione e formazione che prevedano strumenti educativi più attrattivi ed efficaci per diffondere l’inclusione sociale. Alla base di “Spread the […]
As you may have read in previous articles, as part of the project, we are gathering good practices from partner countries in the field of social inclusion. In this spirit, we would also like to highlight the Blend-IN […]
To start talking about gamification, it is important to put a bit of context in the subject. In our case, it is a bit easier to talk about the Catalan context, as Spain is a very big country, […]
Small but ongoing! Fundació Catalunya Voluntària has been working for more than 14 years in youth work, competence development and non-formal education. But the work goes a bit further, starting with a youth-led association created in 1999, called […]
Not much research can be found in Slovenia on the subject of gamification, but something is obvious; gamification is present in many fields. In fact, one of the first Slovenian works on gamification is a diploma thesis titled […]
Today we welcome Katja Kolenc and Samanta Hadžić Žavski of Celjski Mladinski Center, partnering with HRYO for “Spread the Game”. So, Katja and Samanta, hi! Tell us a bit about yourselves. What led you to work in this […]
According to Gabe Zichermann, the world’s foremost expert and public speaker on the subject, gamification “is a process of using game thinking and game dynamics to engage audiences and solve problems”. But has Greece joined in the game […]
AddArt is a nonprofit multi-arts organization from Greece with a core mission to add art to everyday life. Founded in early 2014 in the rich cultural fabric of the city of Thessaloniki, it consists of highly experienced members […]
“Dimmi e io dimentico; mostrami e io ricordo, coinvolgimi e io imparo.” È la frase pronunciata nel 1700 da Benjamin Franklin, uno dei padri fondatori degli Stati Uniti, che già allora aveva individuato l’importanza di costruire una società […]