AddArt is a nonprofit multi-arts organization from Greece with a core mission to add art to everyday life. Founded in early 2014 in the rich cultural fabric of the city of Thessaloniki, it consists of highly experienced members and artists who have proved themselves both in and outside of their local community.

From its outset, AddArt is perceived as a laboratory of ideas and a springboard for artistic expression based on the principle that art and culture may catalyze change and act as agents of social and economic development. “Spread the Game” is a very promising project that will allow us to delve deeper into the realities of disability, to learn more about the numerous challenges disabled persons face on a daily basis and how gamification can provide unique and viable solutions in order to improve the quality of their everyday activities.

Our organization is eager to bring our creativity and game design expertise on the table, but to also pair them with the extensive experience and deep understanding that our partner organizations have on the fields of education and integration for people with disabilities.

We believe that the exchange of good practices between countries and experts will prove invaluable in the future dissemination of the results, allowing innovative techniques and much needed know-how to flow freely and reach each one of the participating parties, and thus the communities they represent.

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