Aleksandra’s business is a combination of profession and passion – she is a landscape architect. She both designs gardens and works on artistic activities such as painting clothes, porcelain, and interior decoration items. Seemingly these unconnected areas intermingle and bind together. Her company combines natural and artistic areas. She started the activity shortly after graduation, but before that, she worked as a subcontractor in a company owned by a friend who recommended her to the clients and their friends in the field of garden design. She would place herself in the environmental protection, landscape architecture and artistic handicrafts sectors. She runs the business as a sole proprietorship and does not have other employees. For her it is extremely important to make sure that she meets the expectations of her customers and that her work brings joy to the others. From the feedback she got from her clients, Polish or foreign, she found out that her products are mostly chosen for various special occasions like weddings and celebrations.

Among the most popular and innovative works there are painted sneakers and wedding dress. She is very thankful to her friends who promoted her work sharing posts, photos on social media channels and recommended her on various occasions in addition to ordering gifts for their beloveds. As a result, this had a multiplier effect: Aleksandra’s network has been extended worldwide. As for the biggest challenge she points out the face-toface relation with the foreign market. So far she has been working mostly with English and German customers. Still, she has to observe well the products which are most demanded. At this moment, she has no plans to expand the business, instead, quite unusually, she would like to narrow it down. She would like to focus on artistic activity as she hopes to cooperate with someone else in this regard.


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