Conducting sporting activities involving the combination of dance and fitness for children (Zumba Kids and Zumba Kids Junior) and for adults (Zumba Fitness) – including elderly people and pregnant women (Zumba Gold). It all started by chance. Anna did not have any experience, she only went to Zumba Fitness classes. The hotel, where she was working as a manager, was sold and the entire crew was released. Anna decided to make use of her Zumba Fitness instructor’s license. For about a month, she organized classes for trial and received positive feedback. Later on she received EU funding to set up a company. She rented a gym and started teaching classes on her own. She feels that the community supports her business. It promotes her as a person and her company. Thanks to that, she established cooperation with new educational and cultural institutions (schools, kindergartens, cultural centers) and fitness clubs. For her, social activities are a form of advertising – it pays off. As the biggest challenges that affected her business in terms of learning and adapting, she points out Zumba marathons, which she runs with other instructors or during which she participates.

Her message to others: “It is worth continuing to use professional accounting services and, occasionally, legal services, e.g. setting up a business and signing cooperation agreements. Do not be afraid of starting a business, you can suspend or close your business in case the idea of a company turns out to be unsuccessful. You can also change the business profile. Working at home gives me the opportunity to freely use my time (the biggest plus in my opinion), but remember that if you have a business, there is no paid vacation (the biggest minus in my opinion). She doesn’t have plans of expanding her business, currently, the company absorbs all her time for work. Her future plans include reducing the number of classes with adults, while increasing those with children.


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