She founded a start-up promoting various forms of art. She deals with painting, computer graphics (including creating illustrations, posters and covers) and designing a unique ‘Tie ART’ fashion accessories that are an original idea for a new form of women’s ties. The idea of launching a startup was born out of passion and determination. Most of the activities focus on promoting accessories ‘Tie ART’, which is a result of her passion for art and creative approach to fashion. The ties are sewn by hand in single copies on the basis of traditional neckties. They attract attention with carefully selected elements, such as decorative stones, crystals or pearls, and the shape resembles bows, shells or flowers. Presenting them on the website or during fashion and business events (conferences, galas), she complements them with paintings and graphic designs. Her aim is to combine art with fashion and business. There are so many areas she wants to penetrate. She creates high-quality, unique products for those who value individuality, craftsmanship and ecology. “Art should accompany us every day, inspire us and influence our well-being and experience the world. It can also be treated as a kind of social manifesto against mass production of poor quality clothing from chain stores.”, she adds. There are no two identical copies of Tie. Among her clients are also people who ask her to re-design their tie on ‘Tie ART’, and thanks to this, old accessories gain a “new look”. It is an ecological approach to fashion. In harmony with the spirit of “slow fashion”. Instead of buying a lot of clothes, it’s enough to have some interesting additions to the outfit that will diversify the style. Her business goal is to create a strong brand, to promote creativity and – in the future – to open a gallery-boutique that would bring together designers from various fields and be a place of meetings and cultural events.

Her clients are often entrepreneurs who also run companies or operate in a business environment. Thanks to this, she has a contact with specialists from various industries, she can exchange experiences and mutually promote her activities and establish co-operation. “Developing your own business is constant learning and expanding competencies.” she states. Setting up a startup was a “jump into deep water”. She had to acquire a lot of new skills in a short time, starting co-operation with other companies and learning to recognize the needs and expectations of clients. She is trying to support foundations which organize charity auctions by communicating them her work. For her, this is the best method of supporting their activities, because the income obtained from it is much higher than the amount that she would be able to transfer in cash. She would like to create an artistic and business place where not only her work but also other artists’ would be available. The events organized there would be an opportunity to meet experts from various fields and promote culture. Art should not have “borders”; – that’s why she came up with her actions and the innovative “Tie ART” accessories. She would like to promote her ties in other parts of the world.


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