English Language Cafe with H.R.Y.O. is an initiative aimed at people willing to improve their language skills by putting them into practice. It has a form of conversations, games and presentations – held entirely in English – so participants can learn by fun.
So, to examine it step by step, English Language Cafe is mainly focused on giving you the space and safe environment to use the language. It is held by our international volunteers, who are not only eager to work with you, but also to get to know you – which means the whole event is done in a friendly-chat atmosphere. It is a perfect opportunity for those of you, who have the theoretical knowledge of English, but never had many occasions to speak it.

It is also a great way to get to know other cultures, because our volunteers will present their countries. Last, but not least, it is a chance to get a grasp of a social life – get to know some people, interact with them and hopefully befriend them – which is especially important in
these pandemic times. 🙂

Who is it for?
Everyone, who wants to improve and practice their English. There are no strict age, nor language fluency barriers. At H.R.Y.O. we follow the saying “the more the merrier”, so we invite every single one of you to join us! In case there are gaps in fluency, we will create separate groups, so everyone feels comfortable. 🙂

What will it look like?
Due to the current situation we are forced to move our event online. This means we will meet throughout online communication tools, like Zoom. Each week there will be different activities, but we want every session to involve the same aspects: games, chats and learning! The classes are completely non-obligatory, so once you sign up, you can resign at any time. We also do not require you to participate in each meeting, so you can come and meet us whenever it fits you best.

How can I sign up?
The process is very easy – simply fill up the Google form you can find below and that’s it! We will contact you with the details. 🙂

Click here for the form

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us by this e-mail:

So, will we meet you on Wednesday?


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