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A track in a Truck – A trip around Europe for Refugees integration


Call for partners EACEA 12/2016 Refugee integration project


Creative Europe


The project a Track in a Truck – A trip around Europe for Refugees integration aims at promoting a new point of view related to the refugee and migration topic that is a very sensitive issue for Europe. Our objective as civil society organisation is to change the point of view and put the migrant/refugee figure at the centre of European squares. This will allow meeting and knowing them through music, dance and food from different cultures and which represent a long tradition that for Europe has to be a treasure to discover.

We as border, coming from Sicily, want to start a trip around Europe in order to meet our partners and know the mixed culture in their countries in the squares.

During our trip we want to involve migrants youngsters in a reparative justice path, who need to discover European citizen starting from their equal in age with the same situations.

We want to re-discover a European belonging, which start from new generations and from the new arrivals.


We are looking for partners working on civil society issues and closely with migrants, diaspora communities and refugees. They will be our link to the country and the socio political reality of their context.


If you want to be partner and for more information, please contact sending the Partner Identification Form to:



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