Hello, my name is Mariangela Barletta and I’m a volunteer of Evs program in Poland.

Actually I’m working in a school named Kom in Milicz, with Mobilny Polacy foundation. I’ve arrived here in January and I will live here for one year.

Milicz is a little town near Wroclaw, there aren’t for sure the opportunities that a big city can offer but I can swear that you would have the impression that time goes really fast doing a lot of activities as much as a big one.

One of the best thing that I’ve discovered living here is the nature. In fact, Milicz is surrounded by lakes and forests that create a magical atmosphere of peace.

Also local people were a good discover, and even if sometimes it’s difficult to communicate with them without knowing polish language, its always possible to be understood. Moreover our foundation offers us the opportunity to learn a bit with a polish teacher.

About my experience, in particular, I can say that these months that I’ve already spent in Milicz changed definitely my life. The large time that I had for me (because I use to work only during the morning) allows me to study things that I was wondering.

For example, I could read a lot of books, improve my English skills and learn things about new cultures, mostly about food!

In my home, in fact, we sometimes use to cook and eat all together, sharing our knowledges and spending a great time. And for sure we relax with a different type of coffee in our balcony (Italian, Greek and Turkish)!

This sharing of cultures helped me to discover something more about me also, and even if sometimes it’s not easy to understand each other I can say that I’m spending a great time with them, because actually they are like a family for me and of course we love to be together at home but also travelling.

I love to travel and being here in Poland let me know a lot of interesting places of this country. Also the Evs program makes you travel for Trainings. Thanks to them I went in Warsaw and in Torun, and it was really an amazing experience, where I could also met some special persons.

Therefore, i really like when also our coordinator prepares activities for us. We love to spend time together making barbecue or being part of traditional festival.

In the end I would really recommend to enjoy Every program, as far as I would recommend you to enjoy my project. It’s an important opportunity to grow up and, why not, to find what you would like to do in your like or maybe to find a good job here directly!

My wishes, Mariangela


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