We are happy to annunce that H.R.Y.O. was accreditated as Coordinating, Sending and REceiving organization for European Voluntary Service projects under the Erasmus Plus Programme;

Ei.Ref: 2016-1-IT03-KA110-009318

We invite all organisations want to develop a project with us to contac us sending an e-mail to info@hryo.eu


ErasmusThanks to our experience we find it important to improve the skills of facilitators of young people’s learning process – for either a short period (workshops, youth exchanges, trainings) or a longer one (EVS, Erasmus placement, ENPI CBC Med project mobility – work placement of youth workers and unemployed youth etc.). We are promoters of the Youthpass and of the validation of non-formal learning outcomes, therefore we focus a lot on the key competences when it comes to facilitate our target groups’ learning.

In addition to these international projects, the H.R.Y.O. has a wide range of local initiatives and activities. The permanent local activities are as following:
Orto BhRYO
H.R.Y.O. has a parcel of land called Orto BhRYO as a part of a big Urban Garden in Palermo. It aims at providing many environmental, social, and health benefits, such as providing a local source of food, bringing communities and families together, educating people about the origins of food, adding green spaces to our city. Besides, it creates leisure and recreational spaces for us.

Collection point
The used clothes collection point of H.R.Y.O is a new reality for the association that begins to appear in the initial reception activities of migrants. agenzia_nazionale_giovaniBeing present in a city that in recent years has been the destination of many landings, the association has always worked to forge relationships with shelters and communities in order to propose activities for the social inclusion of migrants through local projects.
The migrants were involved in youth exchanges and other activities, and some of them have worked as volunteers in events sponsored by the organization as the Festival of Cultures – Meet Me Halfway and the Anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights.
The next step that the association wants to take is to strengthen the point of collection of used clothes, with the help of EVS volunteers, to donate to various communities and shelters in the area.
The goal in the medium term is to strengthen the collection point as well as to create a series of local events for the distribution of the collected materials to those who need it the most.

Web Radio
This media is used to spread the association’s international experience and the results of the projects implemented with the involvement of the participants, and to discuss various issues related to human rights. The Web Radio is not only a space for members of the association to present, promote and highlight the H.R.Y.O projects but also a tool that allows young people to make their voices heard debating on current affairs, music and topics of interest.

Annual Activities:

  • Festival of Cultures – Meet me Halfway
  • Rosa Parks
  • Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The organisation is engaged in implementing educational youth projects at local and international level since its foundation. At local level we organize seminars, workshops, and other educative courses for promoting human rights and other democratic, European values. We also involve young people with fewer opportunities (e.g. young migrants, youngsters with disability and minors under the restorative justice program)  in our activities. We provide traineeship possibilities for university students and volunteers. At international level, we have wide experience with the implementation of Youth in Action and Erasmus+ projects. Besides, we have been hosting international trainees from European and Mediterranean countries.

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