The third International Training Course that took place in Cyprus at the end of October, represents the last step in the implementation of the project #GetUpStandUp.

After being introduced to the general concepts of advocacy and activism and also to the main purpose of the Get Up Stand Up project, we have been given the chance to analyse the processes involved in the building of a structured dialogue conference. 

Afterwards, we have discussed the definitions of violence and conflict, as opposed to the culture of peace. This terminology has been subsequently applied to the broad concept of advocacy, which we have examined through the lens of the advocacy cycle. We have applied the first steps of such tool to practical cases of advocacy relative to different matters (LGBTQ rights, environmental issues, online bullying, the prohibition of sex education in Czech Republic and refugees conditions in the Greek camps). 

It has been very challenging to work on such crucial topics and trying to be realistic in the development of an effective advocacy strategy.

During the last sessions, we have also simulated meetings with different stakeholders, which involved the implementation of a lobbying strategy. 

The tools and skills we have improved also included active listening, effective communication strategies, time management and the use of emotion in human rights campaigns. 

Being all involved in youth movements, we now have new useful insight and resources to tackle some of the most challenging tasks that need to be carried out within such environment. 

We are overall really happy about this experience and eager to put out knowledge into practice.

Chiara Toselli

Sara Badilini

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