Small but ongoing!

Fundació Catalunya Voluntària has been working for more than 14 years in youth work, competence development and non-formal education. But the work goes a bit further, starting with a youth-led association created in 1999, called Barcelona Voluntària, which believed in the importance of international mobility and the power of youth in having an active role in social change.

With that said, to get to know better FCV, it is important to understand our mission, our values and our actions.

FCV wants to offer the possibility to all young people, especially Catalans (as it is the region we are based in), to develop competences through non-formal education, peace culture and volunteering. It is through local actions, through youth-led actions and a global vision that we believe change can be achieved.

An important step for this is to have inclusive groups, and have young people from all backgrounds and life circumstances. From FCV, we work in offering equal opportunities to all those young people who have difficulty in accessing NFE, youth mobility, volunteering projects, and active citizenship throughout different actions.

Solidarity comes in many ways, including the individualized access to new experiences for everyone.

Within the frame of Spread the Game, FCV is very excited to use all these inclusion methodologies within the gamification topic.

The exchange of good practices with partner organizations, with such different contexts and realities, will give us all the chance to learn, grow and improve our work, and expand our knowledge on gamification.

We are looking forward to the next steps!

Written by Fundació Catalunya Voluntària

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