The democratic engagement and the civic participation of youth are achieved through education and their democratic participation in the communities, respect and appreciation of diversity and social responsibility.

The project “Europe 4 All” is designed to give European citizens the opportunity to be protagonists in the creation of a more committed Europe, through the mutual work of people from different cultures and social contexts, on themes of great interest for civil society, EU and institutions.

“Europe 4 All” involves six partners: Association for sustainable development Sfera Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia), Cross Culture International Foundation CCIF (Malta), Kontakte für Europa e.V. (Germany), PERTEJ BARRIERAVE (Albania), Centro di Studi ed Iniziative Culturali “Pio La Torre” ONLUS and Human Rights Youth Organisation H.R.Y.O. (Italy).

The project deals with several aspects concerning the role of youth in connection with the EU. It aims to: promote the EU values and benefits, observe the election processes in the countries involved and in the EU in general, research the reasons for the lower voting turnout in the past years, propose solutions to the problems, engage youngsters to become active citizens, promote volunteering and active citizenship, deepen the knowledge of youth about EU institutions and policies, understand the democratic processes and motivate young people to develop a stronger connection with the European Union.

The project is co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union.

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