[:en]Since 14th of May I started my mobility, within the Erasmus + program, in Salamanca (Spain) where I spent two months, it was in fact until July. There, I have been working as assistant project of several European […]
[:en]Federica spent two months in Bucharest participating in the IRETI project. She did her traineeship in some Romanian organizations focusing on data analysis and communication through social media and learning more about migration and human trafficking.    “I […]
[:en] The Freedom Is Not Negotiable (FINN) conference took place in Malta, St. Julian’s, on the 16th of March 2019, and was organized by Cross Cultural International Foundation (CCIF). CCIF is a non-profit organization that has been stationed […]
[:en]  Nigeria is a source, transit and destination of human trafficking, and especially when it comes to sexual exploitation of women and children. On a global level, Nigeria is the largest source of trafficked human beings, where most […]
[:en] In the recent years the European labor market has been facing many different challenges, including skill shortage, ageing workforce and lack of motivated apprentices. The high number of refugees that have entered Europe in the recent years […]
[:it]Daniel Gonzalo Salinero Cesare Pavese, uno dei più importanti scrittori italiani del XX secolo, disse che le persone non ricordano i giorni, ricordiamo i momenti. In questi due mesi ho goduto di molti momenti che ricorderò per sempre. […]
[:en]Human trafficking has become a global concern; it affects every continent and every type of community and economy. It has become a significant problem considering 161 countries are reported to be a source for human trafficking, a transition […]
[:en]IRETI: Palermo, Month 2     As I write this, my 2 months in Palermo have already, sadly, come to an end- but the work we have started has only just begun.   With the aim of my […]
[:it]Arriving to and being in Palermo is a strange, yet wonderful experience. An authentic robust city, filled to the brim with loud, rich culture. Palermo seems somehow untouched by society and the greater world, and I’ve been told […]
[:it] There is no doubt that the idea of volunteering abroad is a big leap of faith into the unknown, so when I first heard about “IRETI- Empowering Women and Strengthening Socioeconomic Integration” project in Palermo, I just […]