Good Practice Exchange on eParticipation Platforms among European Youth (2016-2-ES02-KA205-008260) is a project financed from the Erasmus+ Programme and implemented by the organization Biderborst, Boscán & Rochín (BB&R) in collaboration with H.R.Y.O. Human Rights Youth Organization and Momentum World. The project focuses on generate and exchange information, data and Best Practices between Spain, Italy and the UK regarding eParticipation Platforms to empower young Europeans on civic education

The development of technology has made ICTs central to citizens’ daily lives and relevant for political systems. In the last few years, democracies all around the world, included the European Union (EU), are facing two problems. First, a disengagement between politicians and citizens. Second, a lack of legitimacy in institutional processes at all levels. Both problems are more enhanced among young people. 

Within the project, one of the goals was to encourage and involve young citizens in the process of discuss and test new systems of participation for young people in political life. The project included the involvement of young students in the testing of new possible platforms and systems able to increase youth participation and improve civic competences among European youngsters.

The E-PARTICIPATION Youth Session that took place in Italy involved 6 youngsters that worked with the platform DemocracyOS (, an on-line space for deliberation and voting on political proposals, a platform for a more open and participatory government.

Through this platform, they had the chance to dialogue and view other proposals that were being shared through the platform, debate and create their own proposals. They were enthusiastic and they participated actively, proposing very interesting initiatives to contrast youth unemployment in Italy.

In this regard, the main objective of this activity is that young people explore the platform, in order to know if they find it attractive and if they would use it in their daily lives. This information will allow us to know what aspects young people value to use a platform and what aspects keep young people away from this type of tool.

To present and disseminate the outcomes and results of the project activities, H.R.Y.O. Human Rights Youth Organization will organize a local event in Palermo in the next weeks.

Stay tuned!

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