Call for Partners R2 – Erasmus+ with Municipality

Call for Partners
For the 26th April deadline

The H.R.Y.O. – Human Rights Youth Organization is a no-profit organization funded in Palermo in 2009 with the aim to enforce human rights both at local, European and international level. Locally, we organize seminars, workshops and other educational programs to promote human rights and other democratic European values. We also involve young people with fewer opportunities (such as young migrants, disables and/or people involved in restorative justice pathways). We provide internship opportunities for university students and simple volunteers. Internationally, we have a big experience with Youth in Action and Erasmus+ projects. Finally, we host international interns from European and Mediterranean countries.
In close partnership with the Municipality of Godrano, a mountain village near Palermo whose resources and territory we are helping to promote, we are looking for partners for the Youth Exchanges “MOTHERLAND” with the following characteristics:

  •  Activity → Erasmus+ Key Action 1 – Youth Exchange;
  • Target group → 30 young people between 18 and 30 years;
  • Activity dates → 1st exchange on “Earth”:6/03/17 to 11/03/17; 2nd exchange on “Water”: 8/05/17 to 13/05/17; 3rd exchange on “Air”: 3/07/17 to 8/07/17; 4th exchange on “Fire”: 4/09/17 to 9/09/17
  • Location → Godrano;
  • Organizer → Municipality of Godrano with the support of H.R.Y.O. – Human Rights Youth Organization;
  • Contacts:;

fotosimo1The project is a multi-action and it is composed by 4 exchanges that will take place in Godrano. The idea was born by the need to rediscover ourselves and the link between man and nature. Each exchange will focus on one of the 4 natural elements: earth, water, air and fire, and it will involve 5 countries and 6 participants for each one.
The specific objectives of the project are:
– Driving the participants in the distinction between the 4 elements that make up the nature, spurring them to a profound reflection on the meaning of what surrounds us;
– Educating to respect nature, themselves and the others through the non-formal education methodology;
– Improving the social inclusion of disadvantaged targets, contributing to the dejection of prejudice;
– Creating a cross-cultural awareness for cooperation and solidarity for the protection and enhancement of local resources.
Among the activities we will organize there are creative labs, compass activities, trips out, energizers, intercultural evenings, visit to artisan shops, workshops and debates.
The expected results are creating an intercultural, no-border space; forming durable bonds between participants, even for future experiences; freedom of creative expression and the transformation of ideas in action.
All of these competences will help to create long time benefits, such as:
– Respect for all the people, for human rights and for the nature;
– Awareness in the participants’ own capacities;
– Development of a culture of peace and respect;
– Working group as a tool to reach every day’s objectives.
If you are interested in taking part in this project please send us your Partner Identification Form (PIF) until the 12nd of April 2016 on!

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