Looking for partners for VET ERASMUS+ Projects

 H.R.Y.O. Human Rights Youth Organization is looking for partners for VET Projects in the framework of ERASMUS+ Programme


Partner Countries: All Programme Countries

Mobility Duration: min. 3 – max. 6 months
Mobility Place: Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Deadline for candidature: 22nd of January

Who are we?

The Human Rights Youth Organization believes in a world governed by peace and mutual understanding. We see education as an essential aspect towards creating a reality that promotes and protects human dignity, all aspects of equality and sustainability. As an organization we see the importance in supporting local action and developing the potential of a single human being, for small changes lead to big process.


Our mission is to facilitate, through various means, the fulfillment of Human Rights and establish an international network of organizations and individuals who are actively contributing to their local context. We seek to actively work towards a culture of peace by promoting and taking part in non-violent action towards the liberation from oppression in any form. While taking action we promote, encourage and celebrate the value of diversity of people in society.



  1. To restore Human dignity; by using non-formal educational projects responding to the needs of society and the individual;
  2. To break down prejudice by connecting different realities and facilitate in an intercultural dialogue;
  3. To create awareness around, oppression and suffering;
  4. To establish a network of support in local movements and conflict zones;
  5. To create, facilitate and communicate a pathway towards a culture of peace, respect and sustainability;
  6. To be of influence in the change of law, rules and policies that protect the Human Rights;
  7. To establish a local Human Rights centre that promotes and educates the integration of Human rights in daily life;
  8. To promote culture as a tool in the acceptance and understanding of diversity;
  9. To create a department specialized in issues that affect the position and role of women in society;
  10. To use a holistic approach in the achievement of tolerance amongst the new generation;
  11. To promote action and to act peacefully towards liberation from the influence of mafia and organized crime;
  12. To be a leading example in all of the above.


What do we do?

The organization is engaged in implementing educational youth projects at local and international level since its foundation. At local level we organize seminars, workshops, and other educative courses for promoting human rights and other democratic European values. We also involve young people with fewer opportunities in our activities. We provide traineeship possibilities for university students and volunteers.


At international level, we have wide experience with the implementation of Youth in Action and Erasmus+ projects. Besides, we have been hosting international trainees from European and Mediterranean countries.


Thanks to our experience we find it important to improve the skills of facilitators of young people’s learning process – let it be a shorter period (workshops, youth exchanges, trainings) or a longer one (EVS, Erasmus placement, ENPI CBC Med project mobility – work placement of youth workers and unemployed youth etc.). We are promoters of the Youthpass and the validation of non-formal learning outcomes, thus we focus a lot on the key competences when it comes to facilitate our target groups’ learning.



What do we offer?

HRYO offers a big variety of work areas and positions. Furthermore, we can give a logistic support for the interns in order to help them find a good accommodation.


12143202_1057144280985024_495818291644984179_nUrban garden – Urban gardening is the process of growing plants of all types and varieties in an urban environment. It is a quite new trend in Palermo. And HRYO has a parcel of land called Orto BrHYO which aims at providing many environmental, social, and health benefits, such as providing a local source of food, bringing communities and families together, educating people about the origins of food, adding green spaces to our city. Besides, it creates leisure and recreational spaces for us.

  • Open vacancy: Gardener
  • Work period: from March to October



IMG_3459Bar/Restaurant – Moltivolti is a multicultural space and restaurant situated in the historical center of Palermo. The place is a melting pot of cultures and communities, which can be felt through the music and food with distinctive flavors, ingredients and spices.  Intercultural events and a diverse array of cuisine ensure a vibrant cultural legacy.

  • Open vacancies: Cook, Bartender, Waiter
  • Work period: whole year, except August




IMG_3458Co-working space – HRYO has its operational seat at Moltivolti co-working space. The main idea of co-working is that individual workers come together in a shared place to enjoy greater productivity and a sense of community. The most appealing aspect of co-working is the creative environment and the sense of community from like-minded professionals. Another benefit of this place is the potential for networking. It is located in Ballarò district in the historical center of Palermo where lots of different cultures come together.

  • Open vacancies: Secretary, Graphic designer, Video-maker, Fundraiser, Event Organizer
  • Work period: whole year, except August



Kinder garden – This multicultural kinder garden is also located in Ballarò distinct where the migrant children and natives share the same space and play together. The main goal of the kinder garden is to seed mutual understanding and respect for diversity.

  • Open vacancies: Educators, social workers
  • Work period: whole year, except August


If you are planning to apply for new projects in these areas you can consider us as a partner. For further information please contact us on info@hryo.eu until the 22nd of January!

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